General information

  • RESERVATIONS are encouraged. A minimum stay of 2 nights or more (specific sites/holidays/special events) is required to make a reservation. Walk-ins welcome, with no minimum stay for camp sites, subject to availability. Reservation will be cancelled at 10am on day after scheduled arrival date for unoccupied sites if you have not contacted us.

  • SITE REQUESTS will be honored if available with a non-refundable, one night deposit. Internet reservations paying only one night deposit will be charged an additional night deposit as confirmation of the site request.

  • ONE CHANGE OF DATES is allowed as long as reservation is not within cancellation period and sites are available during current camping year. Additional night deposit will be required and one night of deposit will become non-refundable at time of date change. 

  • PETS are welcome in your RV and in our pet-friendly cabins. No pets at tent sites. Dog restrictions Include: Pit Bull, Rottweiler, any mix of these, any aggressive dog or any dog with a bite history. 

  • CANCELLATION POLICY – Campsites: 2 days – notify by 4pm 48 hours prior to arrival; Camping Cabins: 7 days prior to arrival; Deluxe Cabins: 28 days prior to arrival.  A $10 fee ($30 for deluxe cabins) will be charged for all cancellations prior to deadline. Cancellation after deadline will result in forfeiture of deposit. Holiday/Special Event weekends 14 day notice for Campsites/Camp Cabins - $30; 28 day notice for Deluxe Cabins - $50 will be charged for all cancellations prior to deadline. Cancellations after deadline will forfeit deposit in full.

  • CHECK-IN - RV and tent sites: anytime after 2pm but no later than 9pm. Cabins: anytime after 3pm but no later than 9pm. We can not accommodate early check-ins and we do not allow check-ins after 9pm so please plan accordingly. 

  • CHECK-OUT - RV and tent sites by noon on the day of your departure. Cabins by 11am on the day of your departure. We are not able to offer late departures.

  • Limit 6 people per campsite, including VISITORS. Visitors are welcome, must register at the camp store and pay a guest fee. Visitors may arrive from 9am to 7pm and must leave by 10pm. Guest vehicles must be parked in Visitor Parking area. Visitors may not bring pets into camp. Visitors are your responsibility, please make sure they observe our rules.

  • Small children's tents as a second camping unit are allowed on designated sites only for a fee. No tents at cabins or full hookup sites.

  • Help us keep our campground green. Please no mats or carpets on grass. One vehicle, parked on gravel only, with one camping unit per site.

  • Children 12 and under must be accompanied by an adult at all times.

  • Quiet hours are strictly enforced from 10pm-8am.

  • Garbage is to be put in the dumpsters at the campground entrance. 

  • FIREWOOD purchased at the Camp Store will be delivered to your campsite. No outside firewood is allowed.

  • Pool rules are posted at the swimming pool. Please review them with your children. Children must be accompanied by adult while at the pool.

  • No pets or smoking at the swimming pool or in at building.

  • Mobile pump-out service, if available, $15 pay by 10am, pumped by 1pm. Emergency service (payment after 10am, if available)  $25

  • This is a family campground. Alcoholic revelry is strictly prohibited. Alcoholic beverages in public areas are prohibited. Private moderate use at campsites only.

  • To operate any non-standard motorized vehicle or golf cart the following must be provided at check-in:
    1. Proof of state issued handicap placard
    2. Proof of insurance for operation on public roadways
    3. $20 daily Use Fee

  • The following rules must be followed if using a non-standard motorized vehicle or golf cart in the campground:
    1. Licensed drivers only
    2. Campground speed limit must be followed
    3. Only number of passengers recommended per manufacturer and seated when in motion
    4. Keys must be removed when vehicle is not in use
    5. If driving after dark lights, vehicle must have headlights/taillights
    6. No impaired (alcohol/drugs) operation of vehicle

  • Failure to follow campground guidelines or misconduct may result in termination of your stay, without refund, at managements discretion.

  • Trees, insects, poisonous plants and everything in between can be hazardous to safety, life and limb. Camping is an outdoor experience and we are not responsible for accident, injury or loss of property of any kind.

  • Mother Nature is unpredictable. Refunds due to inclement weather will not be given. A camping coupon for a future stay will be issued for approved early departures with 24 hour notice.