Hocking Hills Gem Mine & Gold Rush

Folks of all ages agree that Hocking Hills Gem Mine and Gold Rush is loads of fun! No matter what size bucket of gold or gem rough you choose you are sure to find a genuine gold or a variety of beautiful gem stones. Buckets are great for families or groups to share. Ask about availability of our Specialty Buckets that contain beautiful genuine cut and polished gemstones like emerald or sapphires along with all the goodies of our standard buckets. Experience gold panning with Placer gold. We supply the materials you need to discover what gold panning is like – including genuine gold! Take home kits for gold and gemstones are also available.


Open April 1 - October 31

10AM - 6PM  Rain or Shine!

Gold Buckets - Gold Rush & Lucky Strike

Two different size gold buckets are offered for this unique gold panning experience. Gold panning will take a little more time so plan on staying a little longer for this fun activity.

$ 42.75 - $ 61.50 tax included

Lil' Prospect Gem Bucket

Our smallest bucket offers a nice collection of rough gemstones. This one-person bucket is great for kids.

$12.00 tax included

Rockhound Bucket

A nice collection of rough and polished gemstones and may include arrowheads, fossils or shark teeth. A nice bucket to share with someone - loaded with a nice variety of goodies!

$34.00 tax included

Motherlode Bucket

Our best selection of gem rough with jewelry grade gems and a geode. By far our most popluar bucket, it can easly be shared or kept to yourself!

$57.00 tax included

Special Buckets

We call these special because they are just that! Each bucket contains a beautiful genuine cut and polished, ready to mount gemsone that is included in either a Rockhound or Motherlode Bucket.

$169.99 and $189.99 tax included

Take Home Gold Kit

This kit comes with an 8" gold pan, a bottle to keep your gold finds in and of course gold! A great option if you dont have time to pan here or they makea great gift for friends or family at home.

$42.85 tax included

Take Home Kits and Buckets

Want to share the fun with someone at home or can't get enough yourself? Our take home kits and buckets take care of that.

$23.00 tax included

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Hocking Hills Gem Mine

29255 Pattor Rd ~ Logan, OH 43138